Diane Scavuzzo

Editor in Chief & CEO, SoccerToday

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Diane Scavuzzo is the Founder/Editor in Chief of SoccerToday and her goal is to always help grow the game of soccer in America. Scavuzzo has been covering soccer for ten years.

“I deeply respect how this sport unites us all,” said Scavuzzo who loves learning, interviewing and writing — she says she has one of the best jobs in the world. An expert in strategic marketing, Scavuzzo's innovative and collaborative approach has created a highly engaging news site. Prior to her work in soccer, Scavuzzo worked in TV, producing specials for FOX and had a Marketing & PR firm in NYC.

Born in Switzerland, Scavuzzo grew up in New York City and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. She relocated to California over twenty years ago and is a proud mom of her soccer-playing 18-year-old son Michael and her insanely soccer-crazy husband Mario.

SoccerToday is read by millions of soccer enthusiasts and delivers over 5 million ad impressions every month. Please hop on SoccerToday’s social media sites to get the latest news and interviews with soccer's most influential people.

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