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Player Development

A Talk by Gonzalo Jove (Artistic Coordinator/Soccer Coach, Better Family Life)

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Player Development

This session will dive into what player development is not: It does not revolve around what coaches can do, it's all about the players.

Rather, player development focuses on the youth to prepare themselves to be mentally resilient and be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The construction of the complete player to be physically, technically, and tactically sound.

Below are topics that will be discussed that will help coaches achieve these goals:

A. Human Worth, Mental Resilience, Life B. Physical, Technical, and Tactical Development C. Don’t put all emphasis on wins and losses D. Encourage other sports to understand teamwork E. Equal Playing Time F. Constant Positive Encouragement G. Create a Fun, Comfortable, and Safe Space H.Promote Creative thinking

Player development can be a beautiful thing, watching a youth blossom as a human first and then as a player is a wonderful thing. There is resistance and could be a higher cost to the youth later. Parents might criticize, and in the end, money might be lost.

If player development is what we preach—and value—then we need to make it happen. Let's walk the walk and talk the talk. Hopefully, the phrase player development will actually mean the development of the player as a whole person and not just as a soccer player.

April 15, 2020, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 01:00 AM

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Gonzalo Jove

Gonzalo Jove

Artistic Coordinator/Soccer Coach, Better Family Life

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