Reed Maltbie

Chief Learning Officer, Raising Excellence

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Coach Reed is Founder and CLO of Raising Excellence, which trains coaches, educators, and sport leaders through digital learning, live workshops, and custom-built education and certification systems. His services include curriculum support, coach development resources, and the deployment of large scale training and mentor programs. He has made his courses, presentations, and development videos FREE on his website during the quarantine -

He is also the Co-Creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches with Dr. Jane Nelsen, which are focused on empowering coaches to implement social-emotional learning and behavioral collaboration methods in coaching, helping coaches communicate, collaborate, and reduce conflict more effectively with young athletes.

In addition to his youth sports leadership, Coach Reed also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Doors of Change - solving youth homelessness. Doors of Change has been saving lives for 17 years using award-winning art and music programs offered to homeless youth ages 16-25.

— I develop leaders who transform lives.

Coach Reed Maltbie Founder Raising Excellence Co-Creator, Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches Coach Mentor, Join The Coaches REALM

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Myth of the Perfect Practice

April 21, 2020, 12:00 AM
Reed Maltbie